Red Midi Skirt

As promised, this is my last winter style post of the year! In my last blog post, I mentioned that red is a consistent color theme in my style posts, and with today’s post, the theme of red continues! This time, I took to styling my trusted gray puff ball hat and red cardigan with a beautiful red midi skirt! 


For this look, some other needed accessories I added were a matching red clutch, some adorable peep-toed booties, and my gray furry gloves. Continue reading

Red Ruffles

With the transition into another season, comes the last few of my winter style posts! In case you guys haven’t already noticed, red is a consistent color theme for me, especially in the winter months. For me, red is the perfect color to help you pop out from your surroundings, plus it is one of the few colors that really any one can pull off, while also adding some sexiness to the outfit. Today’s blog post features one of my most recent additions to my closet, which has a little bit of a fun and feminine twist to it: some puffy, ruffled sleeves! 


I don’t know about you guys, but I have recently started to love some dramatic sleeves! This off-the-shoulder shirt instantly got my complete and undivided attention, due to its puffy, ruffled sleeves.  Continue reading

Winter Style: Red Cardigan

In these winter months in Minnesota (or, rather, “Minnesnowta”), the landscape and everything really gets covered in a layer of fluffy, white snow. The coming of the snow and the winter weather for me (and probably many other fashion bloggers) means that I have to switch out my spring/summer clothes to more thick, layering clothing. But, no matter how much time has gone by, my love for vibrant colors and patterns has never left. The outfit I am featuring in this post is no different! 


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Seeing Red

Hello, readers! Happy Monday! Today is an especially happy day for me for two reasons: 1) I start my new job (my second one) tonight, and 2) it is finally nice outside! I love the springtime, especially the well-needed Vitamin D that I’m about to receive this season and summer. I love the warm weather so much; I’m convinced that I was actually meant to live somewhere tropical, where the temperature never drops below 50 or 60 degrees. 

FullSizeRender (1)IMG_0232

For today’s post, I’m bidding a final “farewell” to Winter 2015-2016 and sharing with you my final two outfits I had photoshoots for a couple of months ago. Continue reading

Mix of Merlot

Hello, readers! Happy Friday! I’m happy to say that, while I’ve been sick for the past two ish days, I’m slowly recovering and returning to the land of the living (lol). For today’s post, I am featuring an outfit Mackenzie and I did a photoshoot for a couple of months ago. It features a pair of super comfy merlot-colored leggings, a white (almost shiny) lacy top, a black scarf, and a nice black cardigan. As a cherry on top of the outfit cake, I added some accessories and wore some red lipstick to add a bright pop to the outfit. 



Even though I can’t have daily photoshoots, I do love keeping a stock pile. Plus, given the flip-flopping weather of the Midwest right now, I think that this snowy photoshoot isn’t too unreasonable! 

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Winter Florals

Hello my lovely readers! Only one more day until I am officially on my Spring Break! I plan on using my day off of class today to get some laundry and packing done, before shaking my stuff at Zumba with my bestie, and maybe even going out for some dinner.

For today’s post, I’m featuring an outfit that I’ll admit to having done a shoot for a few months ago. In every season, people have certain colors that come to mind whenever they think of them, such as pastels in spring.


For me, when I think of winter, I think of darker colors, such as navy blue and a blood orange. This shirt is clearly fitting for my hypothesized winter colors. 
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Plaid in Winter

Hello, readers! Happy FriYAY! I don’t know about you all, but I have a somewhat busy but exciting weekend! I’m going to socialize tonight, and take advantage of my day off tomorrow by getting some well-needed sleep and studying done, and later spend Sunday getting more work done and spending some time with my amazing sorority sisters! For me, it is the perfect time for a break, given my schedule. 



For tonight’s post, I’m going to feature one of my favorite pieces from my first StitchFix haul. I wanted to get a more comfy and casual look, so with that in mind, myself and my photographer chose a spot along a walking trail near UWEC and snapped away!  Continue reading